Hotel & Restaurant Careers Lyon ARTELOGE Group


Hotel & Restaurant Careers in Lyon, Arteloge Group

With forty years of experience in hospitality, the family-run Arteloge group puts people at the heart of its business.

Convinced that customer satisfaction is inextricably linked to employee satisfaction, the group has made the professional development of its 300 employees a priority.

Joining the Arteloge group means becoming a member of a passionate and enthusiastic team and embodying the group’s ethos with a positive attitude, a proud sense of belonging, excellent performance, accountability and recognition.

A friendly, welcoming company and a great place to work.

Don’t wait any longer, join the Arteloge family today!

Hotel & Restaurant Careers Lyon ARTELOGE Group

A friendly, welcoming company and a great place to work

What we offer:

  • Onboarding

From their first day with us, all new employees are supported to ensure that they develop in-depth knowledge of the Arteloge group, its teams, its working environment, its service and its missions.
New employees have valuable opportunities to discuss and ask questions to ensure a seamless start in their new role.

  • Annual training plan

We want you to fulfil your potential!
Every Arteloge group employee benefits from an annual training plan to develop their skills and performance.
A real advantage for your career development!

  • A wide range of properties

One of the major advantages of our independent group is undoubtedly the diversity and complementary nature of our property collection.

With a range of hotels from 3 to 5 stars and various kinds of restaurants (a brasserie, a gourmet restaurant and an Italian restaurant), you can enjoy diverse opportunities and the chance to experience different working environments throughout your career.

  • Internal career development

Many Arteloge group employees can confirm the company’s internal career development opportunities.
No matter what department you work in, commitment, motivation and excellence are always noticed!
Whether you join the group for an internship, a work placement or on a full-time basis, at the beginning or in the middle of your career, we will ensure that you have internal opportunities to develop.

  • Career management

We are keen to hear about your expectations and ambitions for your career.
All managers understand the importance of monitoring their teams’ well-being, with a particular focus on annual reviews and training plans.

The symbolism of the boomerang.

Representing a smile, it symbolises our shared goal: customer satisfaction.

The uniforms of every member of the Arteloge group feature a small boomerang.

You’ll find this same boomerang in our visual style guide and on our logo.

Hotel & Restaurant Careers Lyon ARTELOGE Group


Are you passionate about cooking, an expert in customer relations, keen on figures, driven by a real pride in your work or simply enthusiastic about a new challenge?

Whatever it is, let your talent shine by working for a friendly, welcoming company.

We offer onboarding, training plans, internal mobility and development: take advantage of these career benefits.

Hotel & Restaurant Careers Lyon ARTELOGE Group
Hotel & Restaurant Careers Lyon ARTELOGE Group
Hotel & Restaurant Careers Lyon ARTELOGE Group

Our talented employees share their experiences