MILLEVISTA Agency Travel Agency Lyon 6


Millevista, Travel Agency in Lyon 6

The Arteloge group expanded its business within the tourism sector by acquiring a travel agency in 2019.

Millevista Voyages, in Lyon’s 6th arrondissement, is part of the Sélectour network.

MILLEVISTA Agency Travel Agency Lyon 6
MILLEVISTA Agency Travel Agency Lyon 6


Specialising in tailor-made travel and stays, the Millevista Voyages travel agency can help you to create package tours and cruises and book hotels and stays.

Add some excitement to your seminars!

Whatever you want, whatever you need, the Millevista team will work to provide tailor-made and turnkey solutions to make sure that your professional event is an unforgettable experience.

Travel management

Our team will work with you to optimise your business travel policy, using tools such as SBT and accommodation agreements.

Working together to make travel easier!

MILLEVISTA Agency Travel Agency Lyon 6

Client gifts

Money pots, gift vouchers and more…

Our travel agency Millevista Voyages has plenty of original ideas when it comes to rewarding your teams, building customer loyalty and thanking your partners.

An incredible collection of hotels with panoramic views

The concept behind Millevista: offering travellers the chance to stay in quality properties with remarkable panoramic views to ensure a truly magical weekend or trip away.

Browse our booking website which features hotels with breathtaking views! 


Millevista Voyages

48 Bd des Brotteaux, 69006 Lyon
Tel. +33 (0)478240009